2019 Collection

Yoga or pilates, weights or dance, running or hiking, spinning or cycling, travelling or leisure.

Regardless of the activity you choose at Maroon K we realize one thing : When you look good (and know it) you perform better.

That’s why our goal was to create a collection that will make you look and feel beautiful inside and out.

With our high-performance activewear and timeless styles you can start and end your day feeling stylish, confident and comfortable.

“The most attractive
characteristic a woman can have is confidence”

That is because confidence makes her feel capable, empowered and strong enough to deal with any challenge that may arise in her life.

One of the most important ways a woman manifests this is through her choice of garments and body language. She realises what characterizes her before even uttering a single word. And when a woman looks better she feels better too.

At Maroon K creating clothes that flatter the female physique while perfectly complementing an active lifestyle is our way of supporting women in their daily endeavors.

Choose your outfit and wear it standing tall!